While Jean-Michel is working on the Phase 2 of the Agromega space station architecture, I'm currently working on the CAMDrone feature.

CAMDrones are maintenance cameras used to detect anomalies or issues on the external hull and elements of the station, holes, leaks, impacts, disconnected cables, etc.. They are accessible through the GAFCom device, at least at first, and are the first "tools" the player will have to master as using those CAMDrones will be part of the first assignments he will have.

They can have three modes: CCTV, PAN&TILT and FLYING, the last two being remote modes controlled by the player.

I've almost completed the actual functionality of the CAMDrone, you can already fly them around the station. I just have to finish the "HOMING" feature where the CAMDrones automatically return to their anchor points when you deactivate the remote operation.

I'm now working on the HUD prototype, here is an early version: