Jean-Michel Scarpa is doing an incredible job working on the Agromega Space Station Architecture.

The phase one is now completed and we now have an entire map of the different areas, each one with its specific purpose:


In the context of our game, remember that no spaceship is allowed to directly arrive from outer space and enter a planet atmosphere (if any) and land on the surface. Docking first to an orbital space station is mandatory, then a shuttle service is offered in order to land to the surface of the planet.

This shuttle service is located at Terminal 3A. Terminal 3B is for fret.

Terminal 1A is for outer space ships of all sort below a certain size. Terminal 1B is the same but for VIP, Government, etc.

Terminal 2 is mostly for long range space transport companies which use quite standardized vessels.

Terminal 4A, 4B and 4C are for outer space fret space ships, each terminal being suited for specific vessels size categories.

Terminal 5A and 5B are for the space station company maintenance departments, where the player actually will start its journey.

Terminal 6 is a non-public terminal reserved for military, scientific, medical and other company activities.

And of course we have the central HUB that connects everything together and include a all lot of services, hotels, restaurants, sports and recreation areas, etc..

All the "donut" shaped areas contain an inside rotating part simulating gravity at various acceleration rates depending on the area.

The phase two has started and will focus on the infrastructure.