The main menu interface is now implemented:


For the Text widgets, I think it is now clear that anyone using text in its interface should use TextMesh Pro, the difference in features and quality with the native Unity Text widget is stellar, no wonder why, fortunately, Unity bought it and is now free in the asset store.


Our main interface is composed of the current player location on the top left of the screen:


First the name of the Space Station, second the name of the Planet the Station is orbiting around, third the orbit inclination then realtime current elevation and azimuth of the Station relatively to the Planet.

Top right of the screen we have the current date & time and the player name:


A word on the player name and log in: The game include a certification mechanism that is linked to the player itself, not some character played by the player. That means there must be a way to track the player progression. The player, even if playing solo/local sessions, will have the possibility to sign in/log in in order for our servers to keep track of the player certifications progression. If not, then when going for online/multiplayers sessions, the acquired certifications won't be valid if only recorded on the player local machine. So the first thing to do is to sign in with your player name into our server, unless you have no plan to participate in multiplayers sessions that is.

Bottom left of the screen, the current features status of your game version:


I'll come back in details about this later on, but we plan to have three variants of the game, two are planned as add-ons. The base version will be the "station" version where the action takes place - and is limited - in to space stations low orbiting around various planets. A *planet* add-on will allow to descent to the surface of the orbited planet thanks to the shuttle services offered by the stations. The "space" add-on will allow to travel from stations to stations and explore the space in between. But these wont come any time soon so you will have to be patient!

Bottom center, nothing fancy, just a copyright notice:


Bottom right, the current game build version:


And of course, in the middle of the screen, the main menu itself:


Time to implement the interfaces of the other screens..

Signing Off,